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Consulting Research and Analysis

Clients often need expert analysis of a proposed project's feasibility or an assessment of its potential market as input into a business plan. Determining feasibility of the Shared Work Center Initiative for the Sacramento Valley Regional Action Partnership and assessing the market among CBOs for the Computer/Internet Cooperative of the Local Initiatives Support Corporation are examples of consultation on client-defined projects.

The practice of cyber strategy is relatively new. It depends on its own knowledge-base which is in the process of definition by the academic community and other research institutions. SPA's research agenda explores the potential for making urban form and organizational structure more adaptable by utilizing the capabilities of digital technologies. Funding is being sought to determine the optimal mix of functions that will produce a high level of functional integration in various settings and at various scales.

For example, which functions should be added virtually to downtown Mountain View to increase its use by residents within a two mile radius, and by rail transit riders? Mountain View is a traditional downtown that is also a multi-modal transit center, and the site of recent transit oriented housing development.

What new circulation system and what additional functions should be added to the Fox Hills district in West Los Angeles in order for the residents to satisfy a high percentage of their trips within the development? Fox Hills was developed in the late 1950s with retail, office employment, and high density residential in specialized but adjacent tracts.

Examples of completed research projects include:

  • The study entitled "Using Fiber Networks to Stimulate Transit Oriented Development: Prospects, Barriers and Best Practices" (by Siembab, Graham, and Roldan) which was funded and published by the Mineta Transportation Institute, San Jose State University. Free download available from the Mineta Transportation Institute, San Jose State University at (Report #01-16).

  • A critical assessment of the state of local government Web pages which was produced for PricewaterhouseCoopers under contract to the City of Los Angeles.