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Using Fiber Networks to Stimulate Transit Oriented Development

December 15, 2003

A copy of the research report entitled "Using Fiber Networks to Stimulate Transit Oriented Development: Prospects, Barriers and Best Practices" (by Walter Siembab, Stephen Graham, and Malu Roldan) is available for free download from the Mineta Transportation Institute, San Jose State University website, publication #01-16, in the Publications section.

An excerpt from the Executive Summary: "The capabilities of digital networks allow partial reallocation of many functions. This insight suggests the possibility of analyzing existing TODs in terms of the bundle of the functions unique to each. This data base could help gain insights in the mix of functions that most effectively realize the goals of a transit village. Because the combination of bricks and mortar and telepresence can now create a wide variety of functions in a compact space, it is worth researching the characteristics of an optimal mix under various circumstances."

Link: Full Report (In PDF format)