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New! An introduction to handling sprawl: The Smart Sprawl Strategy: Because Smart Growth is Too Little Too Late. Coming Soon:

  • Limits to the Smart Growth Strategy
  • Performance of Yesterday's Smart Growth
  • Making Sprawl Smart: The Plan
  • Making Sprawl Smart: The Practice

If you represent a region, county or lead city and you want an evaluation of your jurisdiction’s prospects for capitalizing on digital technologies, see the Cyber Profile section in Services.

See Cyber Strategy if you are interested in any of the following:

  • Revitalization of commercial areas, from traditional central business districts to declining malls
  • Transit oriented development and smart growth
  • Congestion management and air quality improvements
  • Neighborhood planning and decision making
  • Regional economic development
  • e-Government
  • Alternative transportation including neighborhood vehicles, cycling and walking
  • The "digital divide"

Most need training, as well as "access" to technology.
Photo credit: P. Siembab

News & Announcements

August 16, 2005
Implementation Steps for Two Strategies Promoting Jobs/Housing Balance: Local Preference Housing & Shared Work/Communications Centers

June 10, 2005
A Policy Maker's Guide to Wi-Fi Networks

December 15, 2003
Using Fiber Networks to Stimulate Transit Oriented Development